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Inulin has the potential power and characteristics to enhance your beauty and well-being. It increases the feeling of fullness, aids in weight loss, and improves heart health by reducing cholestorol. If used regularly, over time inulin will start to break down visceral fat, making your stomach flat. Daily dosage of INULIN 100% PURE, will add multiple benefits to your overall beauty, both inside and out!
Classified as a prebiotic, inulin stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut - the probiotics. Inulin passes untouched through your digestive system arriving in the colon where it promotes the growth of probiotics by feeding them. A healthy microflora aids in  processing nutrients and boosting the immune system, keeping your nails, hair and skin healthy and your body performing well.
Several research projects confirm that inulin regulates your levels of diabetes and cholesterol, and helps in loosing weight.  This occurs due to that the microbiota ferments the inulin into short-chain fatty acids which in turn increase appetite suppressing hormones. Inulin slows digestion, allowing sugar to be released slowly without spiking, which promotes healthy blood sugar levels. In the long run, as the health of your gut (the microbiome) improves, your body will crave healthier food.
Other studies suggest that inulin aids in the absorption of calcium, boosting  hormone balance, nerve assistance, bone and teeth formation, blood vessel relaxation and muscle movement.
INULIN 100% PURE cultivates a healthier microbiome, boosts your immune system and keeps you full and satisfied. - the crème de la crème to a healthier lifestyle!

Aids in calcium absorption
Regulates cholestorol and inulin levels
Makes you feel fuller for longer
Increases the number of good bacteria in the gut
Recommended daily dosage is no more than 30-35 g. (4-6 teaspoons). Starting with a small amount and slowly increasing as your body adapts.
Stir Inulin into water, tea and coffee, or add to soups and smoothies. You can also bake and cook with inulin or sprinkled over fruit.
Intermittent fasting and inulin is the ideal combination of keeping the human ecosystem healthy and in great shape.
Visceral fat is body fat stored within the abdominal cavity around important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines.